reiserfs and off_t

Reginald E. Thomas Jr. rethomas at
Mon Jul 16 08:50:49 PDT 2001

Has anyone had any experience with using reiserfs and LFS.  When I used 
LFS-3.0-pre4 and reiserfs there is a problem installing some packages 
(XFREE86-4.10 & emacs 20.7) which were successful with LFS 3.0-pre3 and ext2.  
When doing a 'make install' on emacs (and also xfree) I get this error.

Copying /usr/src/lfs/emacs-20.7/etc to /usr/share/emacs/20.7/etc...
tar: off_t value 17592186044416 too large (max=68719476735)
tar: File e/eterm shrunk by 17592186043211 bytes, padding with zeros
tar: Skipping to next file header

and the system hangs until a ctrl-c.

I did a search on google and the only thing I could not find anything that 
helped.  Has anyone experienced a problem simular, and can help me out.

I couldn't risk not being able to install other packages so I have since 
cleaned up the partition but would like to try again.

Attached is the log of the 'make install'

Thank you,

--Reginald Thomas

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