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Gintautas gmlists at centras.lt
Mon Jul 16 12:24:37 PDT 2001


  I see that e.g. Qt is suggested to install to /usr/local/qt, KDE to
  /usr/local/kde. I think more programs also violate the FHS standard.
  Well, I don't care much about the standard, but this makes my
  dirtree ugly... I think /usr/local is such a place where you could
  install something, then just rm -rf /usr/local, rebuild the tree and
  behave as nothing has been installed ;)
  So, if I want to put things in their place, where should qt,kde and
  such go?.. Right now on my temporary system I've installed Qt to
  /usr/lib/qt (a symlink to /usr/lib/qt-?.??) and kde is installed in
  (ouch!) /usr/X11R6/kde ;)) Heh this KDE thing really doesn't look
  good, it's just that I've no idea where to put it. I'd like to hear
  your opinions about such positions. Maybe you should adjust the
  hints? IIRC the "db" package also has this problem...

  Oh BTW the KDE hint is a a bit outdated I think (sorry if that's
  because I was using an older version).

P.S. Is anybody having problems with "db 1.85 incompatibilities" while
compiling gnome-utils? My db version is 3.x.x (sorry can't remember
exactly, maybe this number is totally wrong ;(.
Maybe someone could help me on this?

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