linux-kernel and gcc 3.0

Jakob Kuelzer jrk at
Tue Jul 17 02:43:42 PDT 2001

On Monday 16 July 2001 16:15, you wrote:
> Those are warnings, nothing to worry about really.
Good to know about ( ;
> Something about timex or time.c or time.h (i can't remember the exact
> file name and function name either). If that's the case, download
> the 2.4.6 kernel. It's reported that this kernel has fixed that time
> problem when compiling with gcc-3.0

I downloaded kernel 2.4.6 but i found out that its not a problem with the 
sorcecode, but with the compiler, i cant compile **any** application in the 
chrooted LFS-system... so i recompiled gcc 3.0 static again, installed it in 
the LFS-System and now im waiting for the final bootstap to finish ...

hope it works (o:

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