Thanks to the LFS team.

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Tue Jul 17 05:44:37 PDT 2001

> Is there a good way to test the LFS build quality, and check for failed 
> packages etc.  Before I comit the system to ISO for future safe keeping?

Compiling XFree86 and QT are two good ways to test the compiler. If both
compile then it's working nicely. Also, Glibc which you already compiled
is a good way to test the compiler's ability.

Now all that may stop you is bad code that won't compile, but not
because the compiler is faulty but because the code is faulty.
> Thanks all who have help me along this very rewarding journey, I have learned 
> 100s of time more about linux than by just being joe distro user.  I has also 
> realised there is 1000s of times more stuff to learn.

Glad to hear that. The fun  just begins

Gerard Beekmans

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