automated COL and WCOL settings

Thomas Beaudry k8la at
Tue Jul 17 19:20:09 PDT 2001

> This $COLUMNS variable would be nice if we can guarantee that the
> variable is set in 100% of the times, no matter what. I'm sure the bash
> man page has some info when this var. may not be set. I'll read up on it
> and then decide on a course of action.

Well, it turns out the COLUMNS variable isn't set until the shell 
receives a SIGWINCH.  So here's what I came up with.  Not any easier but 
gets rid of the need for cut.  I'm not fond of using external commands in 
my startup scripts if it can be avoided.

# If COLUMNS hasn't been set yet, do it ourself
if [-z "$COLUMNS"] then

	# Get the console device if we don't have it already
	test -z "$CONSOLE" && CONSOLE=/dev/console

	# Get the console size (rows columns)
	SIZE=$(stty size < $CONSOLE)

	# Strip off the rows leaving the columns

COL=$[$COLUMNS - 10]

BTW, I'm using this on my machine now.  Works great.  (And yes, I 
sacrificed my uptime to verify no boot time problems... <ggg>)
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