Florian Engelhardt F.Engelhardt at
Tue Jul 17 23:50:53 PDT 2001


> I've been doing a cvs test build today and when I compile fileutils-4.1,
> I'm getting segfaults all over the damn place when going into chroot.
> I've gone back to fileutils-4.0 and the patch and it's ok.  Anybody else
> had this and if so do they know of a solution before I start looking for
> one....

it's a gcc 2.95.3 bug. franz sirl created a patch
( most of the patches in
cvs-2_95-branch-ppc.diff are not needed, only the following files have to be patched: rtl.h,
rtlanal.h, varasm.c, c-decl.c.


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