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Claudio Nieder private at
Wed Jul 18 04:40:42 PDT 2001


> rm /var/run/utmp
> touch /var/run/utmp

I did yet another approach to the whole /var/run thing. On my LFS
with kernel 2.4.x (currently x=6) I use tmpfs for those directories
who do not need to be preserved across boots. In /etc/fstab I have

  tmpfs /tmp tmpfs defaults 0 0
  tmpfs /var/lock tmpfs defaults 0 0
  tmpfs /var/run tmpfs defaults 0 0

So there is no need to clean up left-over pid-files in /var/run etc.
after a reboot.

Then in my startup file run by init during sysinit I have:

  touch /var/run/utmp
  chmod 644 /var/run/utmp

which creates an empty utmp.

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