Change tar bz2 option from -y to -j

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Wed Jul 18 06:15:21 PDT 2001

History at:

---- mark hymers ----
I've just been in touch with the tar maintainers:

>>I was wondering if you are still the maintainer for tar. If so, are
>>any plans to patch tar-1.13 with the patch for including the option y
>>using bzip2 files (if bzip2 is available on the system) and release it

> There was a conflict with -y, so we plan to use -j. It's
> in the latest test version, which you can get at:

I suggest we change our patch so that it uses -j in CVS.  This way, when
move to the next tar release we won't find the switches changing.


- Additional Comments From Gerard Beekmans 2001-07-18 06:13-

Mark, as you have been in contact already with the maintainer perhaps
you can ask him exactly what the conflict was as thousands of us LFS'ers 
haven't had any conflicts with it.

Also this would mean we'd have to patch the bzip2 patch, I rather wait
for the new tar to be released that will probably not even require the patch.
Then we can just remove the patch (and add a note for a release or two that the
bzip2 has been changed in this new tar release).

I therefore opt to keep things as they are for now.


Gerard Beekmans

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