agetty and login

Andre Wyrwa a.wyrwa at
Wed Jul 18 06:28:36 PDT 2001

On Wed, 18. Jul 2001 um 02:12:39PM +0200, Claudio Nieder wrote:
> I've a swap partition of a 1 GByte. Though I must admit I've never checked,
> if Linux is smart enough to prefer swapping out tmpfs blocks to swap out
> program pages. My hope is it does, so having /tmp in RAM would always be
> a good idea. If there is room in RAM, than it's faster than a disk based
> /tmp otherwise it's just as slow as a disk based /tmp.

But you'll waist ram by having things in /tmp and risc having apps
forced to use swap while without having /tmp in ram they would have had
enough of it. So your apps may run into performance loss much earlier.


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