Change tar bz2 option from -y to -j

Craig M.Reece craigthulu at
Wed Jul 18 06:39:07 PDT 2001

I agree that we should wait until the official release of a new tar before 
changing this. BTW, RedHat did something different from -j even (I don't 
remember what it was, I have used LFS systems for nearly a year now... ;))

On Wednesday, July 18, 2001 09:15 am, Gerard Beekmans spoke thusly:
> History at:
> ---- mark hymers ----
> I've just been in touch with the tar maintainers:
> >>I was wondering if you are still the maintainer for tar. If so, are
> >>there
> >>any plans to patch tar-1.13 with the patch for including the option y
> >>for
> >>using bzip2 files (if bzip2 is available on the system) and release it
> >>as
> >>1.14.
> >
> > There was a conflict with -y, so we plan to use -j. It's
> > in the latest test version, which you can get at:
> >
> I suggest we change our patch so that it uses -j in CVS.  This way, when
> we
> move to the next tar release we won't find the switches changing.
> ----
> - Additional Comments From Gerard Beekmans 2001-07-18 06:13-
> Mark, as you have been in contact already with the maintainer perhaps
> you can ask him exactly what the conflict was as thousands of us LFS'ers
> haven't had any conflicts with it.
> Also this would mean we'd have to patch the bzip2 patch, I rather wait
> for the new tar to be released that will probably not even require the
> patch. Then we can just remove the patch (and add a note for a release or
> two that the bzip2 has been changed in this new tar release).
> I therefore opt to keep things as they are for now.
> -----
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