Sascha Edelburg sascha.edelburg at discorner.de
Wed Jul 18 09:18:46 PDT 2001

Hello freaks,
I have done a bootable lfs CD-ROM to facilitate the installation process
of the "2.4.4"-system.
It works quite smooth for my systems and I thought it could be also very
handy for others though it is vast kludge.
There are some differences to the original 2.4.4-system, but all are
improvements ;-)
Here are the main:
- gcc-2.95.3
- fileutils-4.1
- lilo-21.7
- lilo-gfx-21.7.patch
- which-2.12
- wget-1.7
- modfifcations of the boot process for better gateway handling
- modifications of the boot process for easier module support
- and others

Also XFree86 in version 4.10 is on the CD but won't be installed (who
needs X ?  :-D ).

So if you are interested in shortening the time consuming installation
of lfs get the bzipped iso-file on

Feedback is very welcome...

Sascha Edelburg (aka bethor)

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