X11 questions and WM hints

Andre Wyrwa a.wyrwa at web.de
Wed Jul 18 10:25:47 PDT 2001

On Wed, 18. Jul 2001 um 04:18:17PM -0400, Paul Campbell wrote:
> X11 compiled, after an hour's churning.  It even ran after configuration and 
> some mouse tinkering.  Only prob is a 10 - 20 second delay at startx, which 
> I'm putting down to not having installed the truetype font libraries and the 
> other X support stuff.  Fingers crossed, they are next, along with QT.

Ah...here I remember my question.
In the X11-hint it is stated that you should get yourself ttmkfdir and
freetype 1.3.x or something.
XFree 4.1.0 itself installs freetype 2.0.2 . My question is if it is
still neccessary to use this ttmkfdir and if so if it would compile with
freetype2, too.
I'm asking 'cause I would'nt like to have freetype1 installed, if
ttmkfdir is the only one to need it.

And another question.
When I enter a really long command-line in my xterm it doesn't break it
correctly. It does a carriage return but no line feed. Only for input,
for programs output it works correctly.
I read docs half the day and still have no idea how to fix this.

> Any windows manager suggesstions / hints?

If you have a fast machine, like cool graphical gimmics and such,
Enlightenment might be good. But it's a bit bloated if you ask me.

The good alternatives in my opinion are WindowMaker, which is easy to
use and which you can get some really sweat dockapps for;
or sawfish, which is extremely theamable and therefor beautiful, not too
big, powerful and flexible.
IceWM is also nice and if you like vi- or emacs-keyworking and such and
you are not the gui-freak, have a look at larswm, it's the only
WindowManager I know that really manages your windows. No need to
arrange them anymore - but you will have to get used to it first.

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