Igor Zlatkovic izlatkovic at daenet.de
Thu Jul 19 04:17:28 PDT 2001

Hi there.

> I'd suggest you follow the advice and be less stubborn in this case as
> nslookup is really broken. I observed, that when you use nslookup 
> it will try to reverse lookup the nameservers address at the very
> same place it found the server address it self, which is plain
> wrong. You can't assume, that because ns.domain.com has the
> record ns.domain.com A that it is also authorative for
> 3.2.1.in-addr.arpa.

Sure, if I were an administrator responsible for a large network, the
spheres of my interrest would contain different worlds.

But I am one person who is playing at home with two computers and I
don't even use bind. I use a small domain name relay daemon which passes
all requests to the DNS server of my ISP and needs almost no
configuration itself. I don't need any sophisticated bleeding-edge
full-featured take-no-damn-prisoners DNS management tool. I just need
something to tell me, for example, if a domain is existent or not and
the address of it's mail exchanger, all that perhaps twice a year.
nslookup can very well cover these needs.

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