BASH static compilation using termcap library

martyn.welch at martyn.welch at
Thu Jul 19 14:08:51 PDT 2001

OK, this my first time...

I am attempting to install LFS onto a system running 

Static installation of Bash failed at make stage, it was 
unable to find -lcurses. Using my noodle I tried to 
install and configure without using the curses library and 
found the process installed. Is this going to affect the 
rest of the installation procedure in a bad way?

Also I am installing LFS into a second hard-drive which I 
would like to moe into an old i386 I have lying around 
(Just for fun really).  I noticed that Bash seemedto find 
the i586 equivalent processor in the computer it is 
currently resident in.  Is this going to completely screw 
me up? i.e. has it compiled for pentium PC?

Thank you very much for your patience in advance,

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