3 mickey mouse questions

Paul Campbell paul at cmm.uklinux.net
Thu Jul 19 23:12:04 PDT 2001

I have now succeeded in gettting X, QT and KDE (which I think is leaving) to 
compile, install and run, but I'm still lost on H/W support for sound and 
video etc.

1.  Sound.  Dead simple, soundblaster PCI128, reports normally on IRQ 5, how 
do I enable it?  The hints (seemd to be for the Live!) didn't help much, or 
am I thick?

2.  Am I correct in saying that:
	/bin	-	Essential system progs required before mounting filesystems.
	/usr/bin	-	Main system programs and things that won't need uninstalling.
	/usr/local-	User installed stuff that can be removed easily.
	/opt	-	Same as above if you so desire

3.  Voodoo3 3000 AGP.  I have the kernel modules (tdfx) compiled in, but what 
about the actually 3dfx card drivers and Glide / Glut / OpenGL etc.  Where so 
I start?

Thanks for your time and support folks.

Paul Campbell
paul at cmm.uklinux.net
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