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Alexander Roalter roalter at
Fri Jul 20 02:10:59 PDT 2001

Thomas Beaudry wrote:
> > > The impossible is working great on my system...
> > You must have done something wrong. ;-)
> > Ok, then it's not impossible but let's say there is a really good chance
> > that you will have problems with that.
> > BTW: Which glibc version do you use?
> Glibc 2.2.3
> I've no problems with anything in the LFS book.  That may be because for
> a change I used the default compiler optimization flags.
> As for stuff not in the book, I've only had two problems:
> ProFTPD needs the -std=gnu89 flag to compile like the 2.95.x compilers
> instead of like an ISO compliant compiler.  What it does specifically for
> ProFTPD is not use the printf macro.  When I finish getting the machine
> setup, I'm going to go back and actually fix the code by moving the
> #ifdef statements out of the printf call.
I've done this yesterday:
main.c, line 2161 or so...

        printf("  %s, %s\n", h->long_opt, h->short_opt);
        printf("%s\n", h->short_opt);
#endif /* HAVE_GETOPT_LONG */

instead of 

           "  %s, "
#endif /* HAVE_GETOPT_LONG */


#endif /* HAVE_GETOPT_LONG */

should be ok (it worked fine for me), and no need for some old
compatibility flags. 

I personally don't like the idea of having installed two different 
versions of gcc, so it's better for me to play around with the
new compiler and sometimes with the sources to get it run on my
machine... Next problem: cdrtools. Let's see if i can make them
run over the weekend.

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