Linux HANGUP during compilation

Michael Brömer mib at
Fri Jul 20 05:04:42 PDT 2001

On Thursday, 19. July 2001 12:50, you wrote:
> Try 'make check' when compiling make. I have seen problems reported
> in the output related to parallel build. The is some documentation in
> the sources about extra libraries to link with for parallel make to work
> well.
I did, nothing showed up. Apart from ncurses, groff and shadow all packages
are doing fine when compiled in parallel. For these packages it is no big deal
anyway, i just do an "unset MAKE" at the beginning of the script building one
of these packages and reexport MAKE and the end.

I think i will put "make check" in my scripts for all the packages that 
support it. Lets see if anything unusual turns up anywhere...

>  I will be looking for a dual athlon at a reasonable price ;-)
Me too! 8-)) 

Right now i have a dual PIII-733 with 1 GB RAM and it builds the 
entire LFS system ready to boot from (including the kernel) in about 
65 minutes, while running X, using Mozilla editing with XEmacs
reading/writing mail/news, playing mp3's etc... using MAKE="make -j4"
When i limit the build of the LFS system to using one CPU, i do not even 
notice that the system is kind of busy.  Even compiling JAVA stuff does
not seem a lot less responsive while an LFS system is build in the 
For my entire workstation system including X, KDE, teTeX, GIMP, etc. 
(about 170 packages, about 400MB of compressed source) the machine 
needs a bit more than 7 hours. (3:40 h due to KDE !).

And most important it is as solid as a rock.

So if i am honest its fast enough... But who wants to be honest all the time?

A dual ATHLON would of course be fun to have. It would do the
LFS system in lets say 40 minutes..........

In the long run, provided the speed of the available systems keeps 
increasing the way it did the last 10 years, it won't take much longer
to build a LFS like system from source than to install some rpm infested 
distibution.  Imagine that! 

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