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Sat Jul 21 16:08:46 PDT 2001


*somehow* I managed to completely munge my MBR this morning (3 am, I just
know I should've gone to bed)

Anyway no biggie, I just re-installed RH in a very minimal form and I'm
pretty much back to where I was before 3am yesterd (a Virgin, bootable LFS)

My question/problem/lack-of-understanding is this:

LFS is on /dev/hdb5 and has a /boot dir in it with all the files from the
virgin install and both kernel images
the *actual* /boot (used by RH) is /dev/hda1which also has both kernel
images and the newest that I got when I compiled my [LFS] kernel
and this boots fine (lilo.conf is identical in it's respective homes)

Basically I want just 1 /boot for both systems for now
(I have no intention of doing anything with the RH install but I don't want
to get rid of it just yet as networking works and I can copy files over to
the linux machine as I installed samba on it)

Is it just as simple as editing the LFS /etc/fstab file and mounting /boot
to /dev/hda1, if so what do I do with the current /boot?

Also if, when booted into LFS, I run lilo, I get:

Warning: device 0x0345 exceeds 1024 cylinder limit.
Use of the 'lba32' option may help on newer (EDD BIOS) systems.
Fatal: geo_comp_addr: Cylinder number is too big (7300 > 1023)



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