Guillermo Pereyra Irujo gpirujo at
Sun Jul 22 11:07:42 PDT 2001

> First of, the book's primary format is not HTML, but XML. So you'd
> have to write the proper xml files to do this, else it'll just be
> double work for us (then you may as well write in plain text).

Sorry, it's just that I am used to wget -r the nightly cvs build and thus
it's in html. I don't know xml, so I will probably have to write in plain
text. :(

> But whether or not to add it: vim can be seen as an optional package,
> but a system without an editor is something you almost never see. So
> we chose one editor and if you don't like it, change it.

This is what I meant with optional. You have to choose whether to install
vim, not whether to install an editor. We agree.

> The same could be said for the file systems. We've decided on a
> default ext2 because we can't add every option like jfs, xfs, nfs and
> what not.

I understand that.

> Now, what I think is a slightly better option is that when you get to
> the e2fsprogs installation we add a note that if you want a different
> file system like reiserfs, head over to the lfs-hints archive and read
> the reiserfs hint. This would be exactly the same like we do with vim:
> add a note that there are alternatives and the hint deals with them.
> How does that sound for a compromise?

I think it's ok this way. I'll write the note and submit it.

Guillermo Pereyra Irujo
Mar del Plata, Argentina

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