what is --host for??

Jakob Kuelzer jrk at jay-guhl.de
Wed Jul 25 05:18:16 PDT 2001

On Wednesday 25 July 2001 13:35, you wrote:
> AFIK there are autoconf 2/3 options addressing this:
> --host=  describes the machine where you want the software to run
> --build= describes the machine where you generate the binaries for host
> the 3rd one is meant for cross compilation, it's
> --target=
ok, thanks, thats good to know about (o:

> btw, `configure --help' is yr friend...
*hmm* you think so? I think its not so clear (for me) what is meant with that 
-- configure --help --
Host type:
  --build=BUILD           configure for building on BUILD [BUILD=HOST]
  --host=HOST             configure for HOST [guessed]
  --target=TARGET         configure for TARGET [TARGET=HOST]
-- configure --help --

but what if a program compiled for i686-pc-linux-gnu is executed on a i586?
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