about those bash and curses problems

Jason Gurtz jason at tommyk.com
Thu Jul 26 13:55:52 PDT 2001

> > I've given it some thought and I don't think linking against termcap for
> > the static bash is that big of a deal. It's only temporary anyways.
> > Chances seem to be higher that a static termcap is installed 
> > instead of static
> > libncurses. So I opt for removing --with-curses from the static bash
> > instructions and have bash check for termcap, curses and ncurses and
> > find the first available (probably termcap in most cases).

> Seens reasonable, Gerard.  Since we're just getting a bash to 
> work for the chroot enviornment, and wil be rebuilding it later, 
> there's no reason that I can see that we would have to have 
> curses support at that particular point.

I concur.


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