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Sat Jul 28 20:15:42 PDT 2001

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I always empty /tmp on bootup. This is recommended by the FHS, I believe. 
Which files are causing trouble for you? Do you have /tmp symlinked to 
anything, or anything symlinked to /tmp?


On Saturday 28 July 2001 11:02, Paul Campbell wrote:
> Hi,
> I have had my LFS system up and running now for a few weeks and all is
> going well, but....
> I have a few problems, regarding both KDE and Xmms, that can only it seems
> be resolved by deleting the contents of the /tmp directory.
> I have compiled the LFS3.0-pre4 system as per the book, and followed the
> LFS hints for X11, KDE and then compiled libmpg132 and xmms.  It runs
> absoloutely fine, better than I've ever seen.  Then for no reason it
> crashes on attempt of playing an mp3, after this crash mpg123 can not play
> either.
> At first I thought this was due to probs with ext2fs and the X-crash reset
> syndrome I have (I've now gone reiserfs), so I re-compiled both libmpg and
> xmms and it worked.  The second time I only recompiled xmms and it worked.
> The third time I only deleted the /tmp contents and it worked, after a
> fashion.
> KDE has had some probs booting after a crash, loading what appears to be
> 1000s of megs into the swap file and not doing much else.  Again deleting
> the contents of /tmp solves the probs.
> Should the contents of /tmp not be deleted as part of rcS.d or rc[06].d? 
> Or do we not need a tmpwatcher cron or something?  It's just that stuff
> seems to hang around in /tmp for quite a while and cause problems.
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