tmp directories.

Paul Campbell paul at
Sat Jul 28 23:02:00 PDT 2001

On Sunday 29 July 2001 04:15, you wrote:
> I always empty /tmp on bootup. This is recommended by the FHS, I believe.
> Which files are causing trouble for you? Do you have /tmp symlinked to
> anything, or anything symlinked to /tmp?
Basically these keep popping up after a reboot.  If I don't deleted them, 
things go fine, some of the time, other time it all goes wrong, KDE can take 
5 minutes to start and Xmms/libmpg123 fail to play.  This is all I have 
noticed, so far.
/tmp --	> xmms_paul.0
	> mcop-paul
	> ksocket-paul
	> kde-paul

Anyway, it's things like the weird /tmp dir that are now worrying me.  I feel 
that the system initialisation suggestions in the book and in the hints are 
weak to say the least.  I fear my system will tear it'self apart if the house 
keeping don't start soon.  Can't complain though, it was a good book and I've 
learnt a lot.

paul at
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