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Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Sat Jul 28 22:38:48 PDT 2001

Paul Campbell wrote:

>On Sunday 29 July 2001 04:15, you wrote:
>>I always empty /tmp on bootup. This is recommended by the FHS, I believe.
>>Which files are causing trouble for you? Do you have /tmp symlinked to
>>anything, or anything symlinked to /tmp?
>Basically these keep popping up after a reboot.  If I don't deleted them, 
>things go fine, some of the time, other time it all goes wrong, KDE can take 
>5 minutes to start and Xmms/libmpg123 fail to play.  This is all I have 
>noticed, so far.
>/tmp --	> xmms_paul.0
>	> mcop-paul
>	> ksocket-paul
>	> kde-paul
>Anyway, it's things like the weird /tmp dir that are now worrying me.  I feel 
>that the system initialisation suggestions in the book and in the hints are 
>weak to say the least.  I fear my system will tear it'self apart if the house 
>keeping don't start soon.  Can't complain though, it was a good book and I've 
>learnt a lot.
First of all, this type of question really belongs in the lfs-apps 
mailing list.

I can't say exactly what your problem is, but the mcop, ksocket, and kde 
directories are used by KDE--primarily for communications between KDE 
apps.  You are obviously logged in as paul.  I don't use xmms, so I'm 
not familiar with that.
Actually the mcop stuff is Qt.

You shouldn't have to delete these directories between invocations, but 
it doesn't hurt either.

KDE should only take a few seconds to come up--about 10 or so on my 
667MHz P3.  

How much memeory does your system think you have? What type of 
processor/speed?  One suggestion is to compile your software with the 
default optimizations until you have a decently running system.  Then go 
back and experiment with different optimization switches.

The hints are supposed to be just that--hints.  They are not full blown 
tutorials.  Usually the documentation at the specific application source 
should be consulted for advanced instructions after you have the basic 
software running.

Another thought.  If you run startx without an .xinitrc file, you will 
come up in twm, not kde.  If you do that, how long does it take for 
X11/twm to come up?

  -- Bruce

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