tmp directories.

Paul Campbell paul at
Sun Jul 29 00:10:20 PDT 2001

> First of all, this type of question really belongs in the lfs-apps
> mailing list.

It was originally about house keeping and temp directories, and how they 
should be treated, so I thought it was a valid lfs-discuss topic.

> You shouldn't have to delete these directories between invocations, but
> it doesn't hurt either.

Yea, but when things go wrong, it remembers bad things in these so I have to 
deleted them by hand.

> KDE should only take a few seconds to come up--about 10 or so on my
> 667MHz P3.

In usual running it takes around 10 to 15 seconds, my heavily installed 
mandrake sys could take nearly a minute, so it's an improvement.  When broken 
though it can take minutes, or just not make it at all.  Took 1 minute to 
empty the swap file at shutdown the last time it done it.

> How much memeory does your system think you have? 
128Mb + 128Mb(swap)
> What type of processor/speed?
intel.celeron-coppermine 600Mhz

> One suggestion is to compile your software with the
> default optimizations until you have a decently running system.  Then go
> back and experiment with different optimization switches.

I only did -O3 -march=i686 -mcpu=i686, else suggested otherwise in hints or 

> Another thought.  If you run startx without an .xinitrc file, you will
> come up in twm, not kde.  If you do that, how long does it take for
> X11/twm to come up?

About 2 seconds, less if it's the second or third run and X is cached.

Mouse still locks from time to time.  I have a cheap imps/2 wheel mouse, a 
voodoo3,3000.16mb (tdfx drivers are compiled with kernel and Xfree) and not 
much else special.

>   -- Bruce
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