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> Have built the LFS onto my two machines; got the tar ball from a CD given
> away with a magazine.  Just followed the book and everything was OK.  I run 
> KDE on this machine, and my other machine is the fire wall.

Cool:) Welcome to control-freak central;)

> Have just two problems.  Have installed ssh, enabled the port 22 stuff in 
> /etc/services and through the fire wall.  I need to ssh into the other 
> machine to run the pppd script.
> ssh takes about 30 seconds to connect,  surely this is wrong?

Sounds like it's trying to resolve your hostname. Do you have the client's ip
address & name in the server's /etc/hosts file?

(eg. my firewall's hosts file looks like:       localhost.localdomain   localhost     cordelia.sunnydale      cordelia    buffy.sunnydale         buffy    willow.sunnydale        willow    faith.sunnydale         faith

where the firewall is 'cordelia', and I can ssh into it without problems.)

> I run qmail and fetchmail, and read by mail using kmail;  When I run
> fetchmail I get:
> SMTP connect to localhost failed

Sounds like qmail isn't actually running. Did you add a qmail init script and
a link from your normal runlevel to it? (/etc/init.d/qmail and
/etc/rc3.d/S100qmail or similar)
You know you don't actually need qmail/fetchmail to read/send mail with
kmail, right? I don't use qmail myself, but others here do.

> I can put up with the first, and have hacked round the second,  but would 
> like to check what I have done wrong.  Appologies if this is a regular fault, 
>  but I have only just got LFS, and joined the mailing list.

Check out the webpage for list archives/FAQ etc.

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