tmp directories.

Randy Hron rwhron at
Sat Jul 28 20:57:57 PDT 2001

> Should the contents of /tmp not be deleted as part of rcS.d or rc[06].d? 
> Or do we not need a tmpwatcher cron or something?  It's just that stuff
> seems to hang around in /tmp for quite a while and cause problems.

I do this in /etc/rcS.d/S333cleantmp:  Nothing magic here:

# Begin /etc/init.d/cleantmp
case "$1" in
                rm -rf /tmp
                mkdir /tmp
                chmod 1777 /tmp
                ls -ld /tmp
                df -k /tmp
                echo "Usage: $0 {start|status}"
                exit 1
# End /etc/init.d/cleantmp

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