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Richard A Downing richard.a.downing at iname.com
Mon Jul 30 10:27:43 PDT 2001

A word to the wise, NEVER reply to spam, all you do is validate your mailbox
for the bastards.
I just put them in the kill filter - one strike and you're out.

For snail-junk-mail, I have an even more devious plan.  I check for business
reply envenlopes, here in the UK they are often included, then I use that to
send back junk mail from another company.  That way they get to pay for the
reply, and it's just as much junk as they sent me!


 When I hit reply to return the thing to sender (as a test)....  I have
attempted a
policy of returning the stuff as soon as I see it, this obviously dosen't
work although it has on occasion.  I've realised that after a few attempts.

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