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Seth W. Klein sklein at mint.net
Mon Jul 30 18:28:13 PDT 2001

Paul Campbell wrote:
> <snip>
> I am new to mailing lists, and also new to the amount of spam control that
> needs to be taken, after doing subscribing to a few.  I have attempted a
> policy of returning the stuff as soon as I see it, this obviously dosen't
> work although it has on occasion.  I've realised that after a few attempts.
> <snip>

Spammers often use throwaway dialup acounts which are easy to get
pulled. (Their Acceptable Use Policy will forbid spam and the net
will apply pressure to problem providers to make sure this is
enforced.) This has worked for me. A couple things: you will need
to see the full headers (more than just from, to, date, and subject).
Reading them is tricky; they can be made misleading. There are
FAQs on the subject. Try http://www.faqs.org/ (that has an "s"),
and http://www.spamcop.net/.

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