CVS (20010730) Book Typos

Thomas M. Beaudry k8la at
Tue Jul 31 17:45:51 PDT 2001

Other list modes

  The modes that can be set by a user require sending an email to
  the appropriate command in the subject header of the message.
  email, this can be done by leaving the subject header blank and writing


  Being in digest mode will cause you to stop receiving ...
  instead receive one email daily...
  To set this mode, substitue digest2 for digest in the command.
  (Reasoning:  commands can be given in the body or subject so should
   no assume they're using the subject header.)


  he can change to vacation mode.
  ("he can set to vacation mode" doesn't sound right to me.)

On to chapter two.  Should get much further since I've gotten some
sleep now.  I'd been awake for ~30 hours when I posted last night.

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