Glibc errors (Dynamic)

tim tim at
Tue Jul 31 11:26:59 PDT 2001


I had to move just about everything out of my lfs partition to get Glibc
to compile. If you can move all of your tar.bz2 files to another
partition, (maybe somewhere on the /usr partition of your host?) you
should be ok...


PS. Gcc also takes up a LOT of space when you're building it.

> I am Doug, Sheila is my wife and it is her email account
> I saw the book recommend 750Mb but I am planning to leave X off this puter.
> I also plan on removing the host system and using the space for /usr or
> /usr/local.
> The other puter on the network has plenty of space either in Windoze or Mandrake.
> Is there a way I can utilize that space to complete the building of Glibc
> and then delete the build directories so I can continue??????
> I really want to finish this build of LFs because I am learning so much more
> than installing Mandrake or Slackware
> Doug

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