New modutils

Maarten Groeneweg mgroenew at
Thu Mar 1 05:44:44 PST 2001

Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> On March  1, 2001 07:51 am, Maarten Groeneweg wrote:
> > Hi, I just saw that modutils 2.4.3 were released a few days ago.
> > The book still uses 2.4.0, time for an update? :)
> > The util-linux has a newer version than the book too.
> Updates are always done periodically, I jus don't check every day for
> updates. I get most updates via freshmeat announcements and stuff, so updates
> will be performed soon - usually when I start another test LFS build (I do
> that once every week or every two weeks - i'm starting one this week)
> --
> Gerard Beekmans

If it sounded like I was blaming you for not keeping track of changes,
I'm sorry, it wasn't what I meant. I just wanted to inform of the newert

Maarten Groeneweg
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