LFS-3.0-PRE1 is out

Marc Heerdink marc_heerdink at softhome.net
Thu Mar 1 08:11:48 PST 2001

On Wed, 28 Feb 2001 16:36:41 -0500, Gerard Beekmans wrote [Re: LFS-3.0-PRE1 is
> > Wouldn't you be able to do this without exiting the chroot by changing the
> > PS1 environment variable? i.e. Before installing glibc have the PS1 not use
> > the \u, then after the installation set PS1 to use the \u again. As I said
> > I haven't tested it, but I would think it should be able to display the
> > username at that point, and if not then there may be something wrong with
> > glibc. Would save ppl having to exit the chroot environment, etc..
> Ah, I understand now what you meant. Yes that is a good idea indeed.
> Or instead of PS1 one could run the 'id' command or 'whoami' to see if it was 
> able to resolve userid 0 into a name.
I don't see the need to do this. Users will accept "I have no name!" in their
prompt if the book tells them it's normal. Different prompts before and after
glibc installation will only cause more steps, more explanations and more
questions (and maybe more problems? :) for some stupid cosmetic thingie that's,
strictly speaking, not needed. My vote: don't do it.

There is no programming language, no matter how structured,
that will prevent programmers from writing bad programs.
- L. Flon

Marc Heerdink
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