How to set up isdn

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Thu Mar 1 09:46:36 PST 2001

you don't need the AVM A1 driver. it is only for
active ISDN cards. the HiSax thing is the one to go with.
(which works correctly as it seems)

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Subject: How to set up isdn

Hi. Now, there my lfs is running i would like to set up isdn. Therefor i
read the linux/documention/Readme and Readme-hisax, the i4l-faq and the
isdn-howto. But they all seem to think, that everybody will use isdn as
module or they are very old. what i need is a short exact description what
to do to set up an internet connection, include the commands. I compiled all
necessary isdn-issues in the kernel. First error i got during boot, but i do
not found a olution for this problem in the net:
ISDN subsystem Rev: 1.114/1.94/
HiSax: Linux Driver for passive ISDN cards
HiSax: Version 3.5 (kernel)
HiSax: Layer1 Revision
HiSax: Layer2 Revision 2.25
HiSax: TeiMgr Revision 2.17
HiSax: Layer3 Revision 2.17
HiSax: LinkLayer Revision 2.51
HiSax: Approval certification valid
HiSax: Approved with ELSA Microlink PCI cards
HiSax: Approved with Eicon Technology Diva 2.01 PCI cards
HiSax: Approved with Sedlbauer Speedfax + cards
HiSax: Total 1 card defined
HiSax: Card 1 Protocol EDSS1 Id=HiSax (0)
HiSax: AVM driver Rev. 2.13
AVM A1: Byte at 1b40 is ff
AVM A1: Byte at 1b43 is ff
AVM A1: Byte at 1b42 is ff
AVM A1: Byte at 1b40 is ff
HiSax: AVM A1 config irq:10 cfg:0x1B40
HiSax: isac:0x1740/0x1340
HiSax: hscx A:0x740/0x340 hscx B:0xF40/0xB40
AVM A1: ISAC version (ff): 2085 V2.3
AVM A1: HSCX version A: ??? B: ???
AVM A1: wrong HSCX versions check IO address
HiSax: Card AVM A1 not installed !
I would like to check the i/o adress, but i do not know where it is written.
I have already installed the isdn4k-utils, but thats all i have done till
now, because i do not know what to do now. Is there anybody who can exactly
explain me what to do now in which order until i have a connection.
somewhere i read a sentence like this: Now you can make a call..., but how,
i am still new to linux, so i need the commamnds, too.
Thank you for your patience and your help

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