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Rayner Lucas rayner at
Fri Mar 2 15:12:40 PST 2001

From: Gerard Beekmans <gerard at>

>> checking for getloadavg in -lutil... (cached) no
>> It's not detecting getloadavg - was this supposed to be installed with
>> something else?
>It's supposed to have said yes there, so there's something wrong on your
>system. The config.log file should contain the information why this program
>failed. Look for 'getloadavg' in config.log.

Forgive me if I am being dense. I see this in
/usr/src/make-3.79.1/config.log :

configure:4132: checking for getloadavg in -lutil
configure:4177: checking for getloadavg in -lgetloadavg
configure:4223: checking for getloadavg

Since I am not a Linux guru, this not terribly enlightening for me :-(

I have found getloadavg.c in /usr/src/glibc-2.2.1/. Do I need to recompile
all of glibc? Any ideas why it failed to be installed the first time?


Rayner (mystified, but willing to learn)

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