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Sun Mar 4 15:26:09 PST 2001

"Chris F.A. Johnson" a écrit :
> I have just completed the build of LFS-3.0pre1.
> Everything compiled without a hitch, apart from running out of space when
> compiling glibc. I had to remove a good deal of the /usr/src/linux tree
> to make room in a 750Mb partition (all other sources were deleted as soon
> as they were compiled, and the .bz2 files are in a separate partition,
> unpacked when needed).
> Unfortunately, when I try to boot into it, it hangs:
>         Uncompressing Linux... Ok, booting the kernel.
> Then it does nothing.

There are different ways to do nothing. Does it complain with some noises, or is
the HD active ? Is the screen blinking, or has the resolution changed between
lilo and the boot ? Please describe the symptoms.

If it's a problem of screen, check the "Console drivers" section of the kernel.
You may need framebuffer. In this case did you check for the nodes in /dev ?
They are not created by MAKEDEV. In this case, see documentation in
/usr/src/linux/Documentations/ for framebuffer.

Maybe it's something completly different ;-)
> Any suggestions?
> I used gcc and glibc 2.2.1.

Don't know anything about this. Sorry.
> I then copied my older kermel (2.4.0-test9) into the new partition and it
> booted, but when I tried to login, I got:
>         Cannot change tty /dev/tty1: no such file or directory

I had a similar problem after a boot. I realised that I had used the files in
bootscripts.tar.bz2 directly to create the init files. And discovered that they
were script files to create them with cat (sorry :-( didn't read the doc). So I
checked my entire /etc directory. Lots of errors. After corecting them,
everything was OK.


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