Converting intel.xml to plaintext

Chris F.A. Johnson chris at
Sun Mar 4 17:38:46 PST 2001

On Sun, 4 Mar 2001, Jack Detrick wrote:

> In the README you use the command /usr/bin/lynx nochunks.html >
> output.txt.  What this gave me was the lynx screen I would have gotten
> had I started lynx with nochunks.html as the starting page (very
> messy).  What I did to dump the output to file was lynx -source
> nochunks.html > output.txt.  This is just what happened with me, YMMV.

I often use:
	lynx -dump xxxxx.html

It's very useful for extracting text from HTML files, or for extracting a
list of links:

lynx -dump /usr/httpd/htdocs/LFS-BOOK-INTEL-3.0-PRE1-HTML/ch03-packages.html |
	 tr "] " "\n\n" |
	 grep ftp://.*bz2 |
	 while read f
		 do wget $f

This downloaded all the packages listed in the LFS book.

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