errors installing fileutils-4.0

Mike Tharp chexmeex at
Sun Mar 4 18:12:56 PST 2001

I am not a programmer, so I haven't a clue about this.  I have a RedHat 7
installation on /dev/hdc1 - 450MB and my LFS on /dev/hda2 - 2.1GB .  I have
had no errors until now.

after running:

./configure --disable-nls --prefix=/mnt/hda2/usr --libexecdir=/mnt/hda2/bin 

I had no apparent errors, but when I did the make LDFLAGS=-static  it did
fine for a while and then did this:

dircolors.c:40:15 not enough arguments for macro "strndup"

make[2]:***[dircolors.o]error 1
make[2] leaving dir /mnt/hda2/usr/src/fileutils-4.0/src
make[1]***[all-recursive]error 1
leaving directory /mnt/hda2/usr/src/fileutils-4.0
make *** [all-recursive-am] error 2

I cannot for the life of me install this package.  I successfully installed
kernel 2.4.1 on LFS.  The RedHat is not 2.4.1.  Could this be it?

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