Newbie question... where does eth0 (the device) come from?

Daniel Roethlisberger daniel at
Mon Mar 5 10:21:08 PST 2001

Randolph S. Kahle <RandyKahle at> wrote:
> When I try to bring up eth0, the scripts/software cannot
> find the eth0 device.

> I'm stumped. Where does that device come from? I
> believe it does not belong in /dev...

No it does not belong in /dev. Have you enabled the necessary
kernel options? You need to include the driver for your
particular NIC (most commonly this is ne2kpci -- if it's a PCI
card and there's no specific driver for it try this one).

After booting, check the kernel output -- does it say somewhere
that it found a NIC? Some drivers also need options for finding
the NIC, such as IRQ and iomem settings.


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