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Joao clemente jpcl at
Tue Mar 6 07:19:17 PST 2001

Once I've posted some mails about optimization...

Well, I was told that the optimization subject was for lfs-apps and not for

Please excuse-me if I'm wrong, but lfs-discuss is about the book, right? and
lfs-apps about Add-Ons to the distribution created with lfs-book, right?

Well, I checked out the "TODO/WISH LIST" and I found this :

* Suggest using this command to strip debug symbols after you finish
  chapter 6: find $LFS -type f -exec strip --strip-debug '{}' ';'

Ok... I see that one , AFTER compiling all the stuff needed , strips the
binaries so that we get a smaller size... right...
But I still have the same question I placed here in my inicial mais about
optimization :
WHY can't we do optimization to the software installed IN chapter 6 ???

Wou see, If one only takes care about optimization AFTER lfs-build is
complete, glibc, gcc, etc , will never be compiled with optimizations!
(I think what I am saying makes sese, doesn't it?)

And that optimization CAN'T be done like stripping , 'cause it needs to be
explicit in the compilation command...
Shouldn't LFS-book mention this option somewhere?

(I'm not criticizing , just looking for the best solution for all)
Joao Clemente   >> jpcl at <<
Everything is bad if you're misprepared...

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