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Mark Sobkow msobkow at
Tue Mar 6 21:21:11 PST 2001

I was concerned about having a problem like lilo or boot sector 
corrruption, so I've tried to be careful about ensuring that both my 
Mandrake 7.2 and LFS-Mandrake both use identical versions of lilo.

I'd suggest your best fix is to upgrade your Mandrake installation to use 
the same version of lilo, preferably compiled with the same compiler 
releases, and re-lilo.  If it's LFS that's running the older version of 
lilo, you may have to do this in your chroot environment.

BTW, I've found that once you've got your core software compiled 
dynamically under your LFS-variant, you can still enter the chroot 
environment from the host installation to fix major screwups, providing 
they're running compatible levels of glibc.  Surprisingly enough, it 
doesn't seem to matter that the host is running kernel 2.2.x and 
LFS-Mandrake is 2.4.2.  (Mind you, I've only had to do this a couple times 
to fix some boneheaded mistakes by restoring older RPMs prior to my screwups.)

On a related note, I've found that whenever I do a major kernel upgrade in 
the LFS-Mandrake (e.g. 2.4.1 to 2.4.2), I've had to boot the host in 
single-user mode, copy over the latest kernel files from /custom/boot to 
/boot, /custom/etc/lilo.conf to /etc/lilo.conf, and re-lilo.  Otherwise I 
get a lot of disturbing messages about library versions and missing modules 
when booting into the host system.

Once both variants on /boot and lilo.conf are in sync again, the messages 
go away.  I'm kind of puzzled that lilo would be looking at files related 
to kernels other than the one I'm booting.  Anyone know why it would seem 
to be doing so?  (I'm guessing it might be because the LFS-Mandrake lilo 
updated the boot sector, which is common to both environments.)

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