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Michel STEMPIN mstempin at
Wed Mar 7 01:01:18 PST 2001

I just discovered LFS, and I thing that is really a good idea. Those days,
it looks like Linux distributions are getting the Windows symptoms : they
are getting bigger, more complex, and no one really know what they are doing
anymore... I think that the book is a very good idea, it reminds us of what
lead us to Linux : curiosity.

So I really urge to make a new partition to build my first LFS!

I know : "critics are easy, art is difficult". but I would like to make some
suggestions that may be taken into account into some future releases of the
	- the description of each and every package is currently in appendices. As
this represents half of the book, this is a big appendix! I suggest to
create sections (intro, install, packages) instead
	- the repeated description of the packages is BORING... Excuse me to say
that, but I would prefer a description why this package needs to be created
at this stage, and what components are REALLY mandatory, than a description
repeated three times.
	- an discussion on the required steps (creating a partition, etc.) would
make things clearer
	- I found a lot of typos while reading, I really think that running an
automated tool over it would correct most of them, maybe that is something I
could do?
	- what about an online annotation system? This would improve participation,
like it is done for the PHP manual.

Anyway, I really enjoyed reading the book.


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