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Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Wed Mar 7 06:17:32 PST 2001

> Once both variants on /boot and lilo.conf are in sync again, the messages
> go away.  I'm kind of puzzled that lilo would be looking at files related
> to kernels other than the one I'm booting.  Anyone know why it would seem
> to be doing so?  (I'm guessing it might be because the LFS-Mandrake lilo
> updated the boot sector, which is common to both environments.)

One thing is that during the installation of lilo it created files like 
boot.b in the /boot directory. You can't mix&match /boot/* files (other than 
kernel images) with different lilo versions. They have to match the version. 
I am not entirely sure how lilo does things (I forgot...has been too long 
since I had problems myself) but I have noticed that running lilo inside 
chroot can cause a lot of problems (for example for some reason I can't run 
lilo in chroot. It runs fine, but LILO doesn't bootstrap itself properly when 
the computer is started and hangs at the famous "LI"). The LFS-Book will be 
updated in this regard, soon.

The best way to get your LFS system booted is to deviate from the current 
book instructions.

Inside chroot compile your kernel image and copy it to /boot like normal. Now 
go to a shell outside chroot (or simply exit chroot as we're done with chroot 
at this point) and copy $LFS/boot/kernelimage to /boot on your Mandrake or 
whatever system. The edit your Mandrake /etc/lilo.conf, add an entry for LFS 
to it.

Now bring /etc/lilo.conf and $LFS/etc/lilo.conf in sync if you want to retain 
the current boot setup (the book will assume this). So copy all your kernel 
images from /boot to $LFS/boot and copy /etc/lilo.conf to $LFS/etc/

Now run lilo from your Mandrake system which should work without a problem. 
Now reboot your system and boot into LFS. Once you are in LFS and are 
satisfied that LFS works and all that you can run lilo when you are actually 
booted into LFS (rather than chroot'ed into it).

Gerard Beekmans

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