Distro's friendly to LFS's (was Re: sh-utils)

Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Mar 7 10:42:47 PST 2001

On March  7, 2001 12:05 pm, arthur at linuxbox.nu wrote:
> I have only done Debian potato so far, but what distro's are "LFS"
> friendly?  What are "LFS" hostile?

I'm putting together such a list. So far redhat 6.2 is ok. I've forgotten how 
Debian worked though I remember the makeinfo problem.

I don't think the book will contain a list of "if you run this distro then do 
this to fix it". Why not? Because if you don't run a particular distribution 
you would not read the notes in that section, even though your SuSe problems 
can be fixed the same way as in which a Redhat problem can be fixed.

Therefore I'm continueing the way the book is going now. When a particular 
package has problems on a system I will describe the symptoms (like we do 
with bash regarding a missing libcurses.a) and how to fix it. 

So as said i've tested redhat 6.2 and the only problem encoutered was the 
missing libcuses.a which is already known. I'm trying Debian 2.1 in a little 
while. I'm expecting a set of suse cd's in the mail so I'll be trying that 
one out soon.

Gerard Beekmans

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