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Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Wed Mar 7 10:48:47 PST 2001

> Part I is the "Introduction", part II is "Installing the LFS system" and
> part III are the "Appendices". I suggest part III is  the "Packages
> description" and appendices are just made up of "Resources" and "Official
> Download locations", maybe as part IV, but not necessarily.

I consider the package descriptions as an Appendix, not as a stand-alone part 
of the book.

> Let's take the "fileutils" package: the contents and description first
> appear in chapter 5, then back in chapter 6, and finally in the packages
> descriptions!!! Each time, it is the full description of chgrp, chmod,
> chown, cp, dd, df, dir, dircolors, du, install, ln, ls, mkdir, mkfifo,
> mknod, mv, rm, rmdir, sync, touch and vdir...
> What about only putting it only in the packages description? This will save
> my print head and some trees worldwide ;-)

Right I see. I've actually thought about removing the descriptions in 
chapters 5, 6 and 9. But I also have noticed that when people are installing 
a package they find it useful to read what it exactly is they are installing 
without having to first go back to the table of contents, click on appendix 
a, find the package, read, go back to the chapter they left of and continue 
with the next package. An alternative would be eliminating appendix A, but 
there is something to be said for having everything together in one big list.

A last option is instead of providing the list with descriptions with the 
installation instructions is to provide a link to the descriptions instead. 
That would make the navigating  between appendix a and the chapters easier.

I haven't made up my mind yet, I'll have to try it out once, see what it 
looks like, etc.

Gerard Beekmans

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