Glibc, libnss and all that...

Jack Detrick vze24938 at
Wed Mar 7 12:59:11 PST 2001

I remember a while back when I was looking around on the net for this or that 
something-or-other (well, don't remember what exactly), I found a package 
called nss_db-2.2.tar.gz and it was the nss db files for glibc-2.2.  In the 
README file inside it was claimed that this was something that was left out 
of the main glibc-2.2 package (unlike earlier releases), and would have to be 
built on its own.  To add insult to injury, you also had to have berkeley db 
installed first (for whatever reason).  I have no idea where I got the 
package (i think it was somewhere on sourceforge, but recent searches haven't 
re-discovered it), but if anybody wants to take a look at it I think I still 
have the package archived on a cd with some other stuff.

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