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Seth W. Klein sklein at
Wed Mar 7 17:59:32 PST 2001

Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> > +1 - so long as there is a note on a package's page informing readers
> > about the existance of an appendix entry (or a link to it).
> A link would do. I'm still considering removing the package descriptions from
> the installation instructions and just keep them in appendix a, with a link
> on every installation instruction page. Every package could look like the
> following:
> Installing Bash
> Installation of Bash
> Package description (this will be a link to the proper page in appendix a)
> Known problems (this will be a link to the proper page in appendix d)

If i see a link that says "Known Problems" i'm going to wonder
if any of those could bother me and have to check each time. Much
friendlier would be a link saying "Problems with Redhat 7.x"
or "Problems with GLIBC 2.0.x" as appropriate.

> Install Bash by running the following commands:
> ./configure --enable-static-link --prefix=$LFS/usr \
>         --bindir=$LFS/bin --disable-nls --with-curses &&
> make &&
> make install &&
> cd $LFS/bin &&
> ln -s bash sh
> ---
> ....

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