isdn_net: local hangup ippp0

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Thu Mar 8 10:53:25 PST 2001

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Subject: isdn_net: local hangup ippp0

> Mar  8 17:58:30 Pennywise kernel: ippp0: dialing 1 0191011...
> Mar  8 17:58:38 Pennywise kernel: isdn_net: local hangup ippp0

hi there,

this simply means that a _local_ hangup occured ... you might want to check
your hangup timeout with "isdnctrl huptimeout <isdn-device>" oder set it to
a reasonably high value like "isdnctrl huptimeout <device> 300".

if it stops (i mean: your line remains open) ... there you are ...
otherwise, you know it hasn't been the huptimeout which would be unfortunate
since i don't know what to do from here ;-)


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