Idea for a new appendix

Erika Pacholleck Pacholleck.E at
Thu Mar 8 12:37:07 PST 2001

( Mär-08-2001 ) VAN DIJCK Wim <--:
> Is there a possibility of using a script that detects what distro / glibc /
> [ enter any possibly problematic soft ] is being used, and predicts problems
> that might be encountered and perhaps suggests some solutions? 

Yeah, great idea, what about an automatic book reading script?
This would include these scripts
- to detect my distro
- to detect all possible problems
- to automatically correct these problems
- to download the software
- to do the compilation and installation
- to tell me what program I have then
- to do the configuring
- to automatically send a help message to the list

I really hate to do all those things on my own.

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