Single User Mode

David Turner dct25 at
Thu Mar 8 16:46:34 PST 2001

Slightly OT.  I'm slowly moving data around until I can repartition my
HDD and install LFS, but until I get to that point I've just been poking
around and have found a question with no answer which I can find in the
LFS documentation or the bits of the LDP I think could be relevant. 
I've been tracing what happens as my system boots, and cannot seem to
find out how or why single user mode works.

On my current setup, inittab is set to run the scripts in
/etc/rc.d/rc1.d, which do very little (load a few modules and the random
seed - that's about it)  There is no mingetty line (obviously), but nor
is there anything else to tell the system to run bash, and yet,
magically, when I go into single user mode, bash happily runs.

I discovered this problem when trying to create an *absolute* minimum
boot disk (a kernel, a shell and that's it).  Maybe I just messed up the
disk, and in fact init is trying to run /bin/sh and it's bombing out for
some other reason, but as I can't find any documentation on the subject
I'm stumped.  Bootup finishes with messages along the lines of 

INIT: Entering runlevel 1
INIT: No more processes at this runlevel


Dave Turner
dct25 at

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